Skydiving Academy

Who We Are

The Skydiving Academy is the most important skydiving school in Italy.

We were the the first in Italy to offer the AFF course to become professional skydivers and from then on we follow the evolution of the materials and techniques of launch to be able to offer you the highest quality and execution of each skydive.

Our team is made up of professional instructors and skydive passionates working every day to make the world of skydiving accessible to anyone who wants to approach this sport.


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Our History

The Skydiving Academy, which was founded in October 1965 by a group of passionate in Milan, has become a point of reference in Italy for the skydiving industry. After being based in Bresso airport, the Academy moved to Alessandria and then to Casale Monferrato, where we introduced innovations such as the use of airplanes, turboprops, and new educational techniques. The school has attracted international experts and contributed to the formation of many Italian Skydivers maintaining the interest for innovation and the passion for flight.

Our Mission

Embark on the journey to the sky with us,
where each jump is a work of art.

Our mission is to transform the dream of flight a reality by educating and inspiring the skydivers of each level with advanced techniques and the highest standards of safety.

We are committed to promoting the parachuting as a sport that is accessible and exciting, enriching the global community with experiences that exceed expectations, and by combining the adventurous spirits in a celebration of courage and freedom.

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