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Book your skydive from 4,200 meters altitude and live an unforgettable experience in total safety.

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Panoramic Flight

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Pure Adrenaline

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Sailing in the Sky

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Try tandem skydiving from 4,200 meters altitude firmly harnessed to an instructor.


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Experience an adrenaline rush that you will remember forever

After a briefing made by our professional skydivers (with over 20,000 launches at the shoulders) prepare yourself for a 20 minutes panoramic flight to enjoy the stunning scenery, which is followed by a free fall at 200 km/h then parasail for 10 minutes in a mixture of adrenaline and relaxation, in TOTAL SAFETY. 

Optional: Photos (+€70) – Photos+Video (+€90)

Organize a group jump!

You want to have an unforgettable adventure to share with friends, colleagues or relatives? 

L’Accademia di Paracadutismo Casale Monferrato offre esperienze di salto in gruppo personalizzate (feste, team building o per gruppi di amici)  che vi porteranno a toccare il cielo in un modo che non avreste mai immaginato. Che sia per un’occasione speciale o semplicemente per il brivido, siamo qui per far decollare il tuo spirito di squadra. Non aspettare!

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How does the experience work?

Lancio tandem paracadute

The experience that we propose is the Tandem Skydivemeaning that each participant will have a dedicated instructor! 

What will happen once the booking is confirmed? 

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Where are we?

We are in Casale Monferratoin the Piedmont , located just an hour from MilanTurin and Genoa.

Skydiving Academy
Airport F. Hood, 15033 Casale Monferrato AL
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Airport F. Hood, 15033 Casale Monferrato AL


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Frequently asked questions about skydiving and tandem jumps

What is a tandem skydive?

The tandem skydiving is the easiest and safest way to experience the free fall. You will be strapped to an experienced instructor who will take care of everything, allowing you to enjoy the most of the experience.

Can you breath during a free fall?

Absolutely yes, air is there, and you can breathe normally.

Can I experience skydiving if I suffer from Vertigo?

At 4.200 meters altitude you will lack the sense of depth! Vertigo will not be a barrier to skydiving.

How should I dress?

The clothing should be sporty and comfortable. If you wear contact lenses or eyeglasses, there is no problem, you will provide us the goggles are required.

How much do a parachute jump?

From us the price starts from 170 € and get up to $ 200, not considering the cost of the video and photos as they are optional.

How long does a parachute jump last?

The total experiene will last more or less 45 minutes from the moment the instructor will harness you up to the landing. The free fall lasts 1 minute and 10 minutes parasailing.

Is it possible that the parachute does not open?

During each launch, your dedicated instructor has a reserve parachute in the remote case in which the main parachute have problems. 

Safety is our priority. We use the latest equipment and all launches are supervised by certified instructors with experience.

What happens in case of bad weather?

In case of bad weather, do not worry! Our policy provides for the possibility to postpone to new date, reservations are consistent with your work commitments and personal! 

If you have not found the answer to your questions call or write on WhatsApp or by email without obligation, we will be happy to clarify any of your doubts.


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